The Quarrying Industry

The UK Quarrying Industry is one of the oldest in the country. For hundreds of years quarrying has been an integral part of our industrial heritage.

Today there are still some 230 independent businesses that generate thousands of jobs all over the country, from Devon to Kent, Surrey to the Highlands of Scotland.


Every year the quarry industry supports:

  • The building of 180,000 homes
  • Maintenance of our 230,000 road and 10,000 mile rail networks
  • A £1 billion hospital building programme
  • A £1.6 billion school and university improvement programme

In addition:

  • The industry employs around 20,000 people directly and a similar number indirectly
  • There are some 1,300 quarries in the UK producing £3 billion in products every year
  • Modern quarrying methods and equipment are environmentally friendly and the UK leads the world in environmental standards.