Single Site Assessments

The Single Site Assessment was developed in 2007 by the BAA in conjugation with several health and safety consultants. The assessment covers most aspects of the Quarry Regulations of 1999 as well as some essential environmental aspects. The assessments is scored using a traffic light system with major failures being mark RED while partial compliance is marked as AMBER. Adequate compliance is marked GREEN but the assessor can make an observation to suggest any improvements.

Below is a screen shot of the CONTENTS of the assessment document.

An example of the assessment is given below. This example covers a part of Section 11 which looks into isolation controls. In the example below the assessor has marked item 11.7 dealing with pull wires as amber ans is numbered as Issue 09.

Issue 09 is recorded below together with the comments of the assessor as well as the comments of the Assessment Panel. The item is either ACCEPTED  or NOT ACCEPTED by the panel. Once all RED and AMBER items have been closed out by the panel a Certificate of Compliance is issued to the site.