COVID-19 Crisis -BAA Chairman Makes Statement of Support to Members

Press Release 30th March 2020

Paul McManus, chairman of the British Aggregates Association and owner of Cloburn Quarry Company, explained to the membership that both he and the officers of the BAA were making every effort to support the membership throughout these difficult times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Paul went on to say that despite the good relationship built up between the industry and HM Treasury following the recent aggregate levy review process held nationwide, it was unfortunate that the Chancellor had not so far chosen to suspend aggregate levy payments. This despite HM Treasury putting forward many other beneficial measures to help industry.

A letter to the Chancellor has been sent asking him to clarify and put right the anomaly of aggregate levy payments at this time.

The question of loans being provided by banks is always a contentious one even when it is under a scheme supported by the government; and those companies with healthy balance sheets need to be aware that banks may interpret the rules different to perhaps government intended. Members can seek the advice of the association who are supported by organisations in the legal profession along with the CBI.

Mr McManus paid tribute to those independent quarry operators throughout the country who closed operations forthwith, despite the mixed messages coming from Westminster and Holyrood governments about whether or not construction work should cease. He believes it is the right thing to do in order to protect their workforce and families.

For his own company, like so many others, the virus has had a massive effect economically and he has put in place emergency measures and cash preservation policies in order to ensure survival. He explained that at the same time Cloburn Quarry Company was committed to maintaining all payments to suppliers, many of whom rely on the quarry for their survival. As such many have received accelerated payments and he hopes to continue that policy for as long as the crisis continues.

He concluded his statement by confirming his full support to members during these troubled times including any help or advice on the procedures that are being introduced by government to help business.

Full text of Statement of Support to Members