Multi-Site Assessments

After operating the Single Site Assessment Scheme for 10 years the Assessment Panel wanted to extend the Scheme to larger companies that operated a number of site. While a number of  members with multi-site companies had used the single site assessment it was often found by the assessors that the same practices were being duplicated from site to site.  As such it was felt that a new approach should be considered.

The multi-site scheme was launched in September 2017. The principle behind this new approach is to carry out an assessment of the companies main office where the company wide policies and procedures are held and managed. The document below is an example of a part of a head office assessment .

Following the head office assessment the assessor then visits a representative sample of the companies different operations. As with the single site assessment a traffic light system is used. Below is an example of the different aspects that are assessed on site.

Below is an example of how the onsite assessment is scored. The document can be used by the site staff as an ongoing improvement tool as it clearly demonstrates what needs to be done to improve the overall performance of the site.