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Documentation from the British Aggregates Assocation

All documents have been provided in PDF format.




02/05/17 141

Fixing our Broken Housing Market 

BAA has responded to the consultation on the February Planning White Paper noting it makes no reference to the key role in ensuring an adequate aggregates and mineral supply to meet government housing and associated infrastructure plans. 
We are concerned that it raises the status of Ancient Woodlands in planning policy but affords the same protection to "Plantations on Ancient Woodlands Sites (PAWS)" many of which are just commercial coniferous woodlands encouraged by government policy in the 1950s.
Read the response here

10/02/17 140

Proposed UK Minerals Strategy – seeking to ensure that the UK’s demand for minerals is supplied for the next generation

BAA has supported and been involved with this CBI Minerals Group initiative for several years and this latest draft proposal is now out for wider consultation.  It has been shared and discussed at various industry events including the CBIMG "Living with Minerals" events;  and with the wider stakeholder group UK Minerals Forum of which BAA is also a participant along with government bodies, devolved regions and NGOs.
UK Minerals Strategy - consultation pdf

The earlier reports referred to in the strategy are The Future of Our Minerals and The UK Mineral Extraction Industry

Responses to by 1st April 2017

20/01/17 139

BAA requests no increases in Scotland Mineral Planning Fees
In response to the Scottish Government Consultation (which runs to 27th February) BAA asks for the same treatment as farmers in light of the continuing hardships in the industry particularly for SME companies. BAA also recommends that mineral applications are undertaken by just one or two authorities with the necessary specialists to ensure timely completion.

BAA Response to consultation to increase planning fees in Scotland

02/02/16 138

The UK Mineral Extraction Industry


This CBI Minerals Group report was published this week with key facts on the output, turnover and essentiality of the industry to the UK Economy - contributing 16% of the total UK economy. (£235Bn GVA).

29/11/15 137

Minerals Extraction and Archaeology: A Practice Guide


This Minerals & Historic Environment Forum (MHEF*) document remains in force as the only current multi-stakeholder guidance, but is under revision, and views are being sought to help us understand current issues. We are keen to get first hand views of relevant stakeholders and practitioners and this provides an opportunity for us to hear about your experiences and your views.
                     The survey is open until 5pm on Monday 21st December at
* MHEF is an umbrella body with representation from BAA along with CBI Minerals Group, Mining Association of the UK, Mineral Products Association, Planning Officers Society, Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers and Historic England.

21/11/14 136

The Future of Our Minerals

Some 300 delegates including many BAA members were at the CBI Minerals LWM5 Conference in London on 17th November to discuss recent important developments for the industry.

  • The UK Minerals Forum (UKMF) multi-stakeholder working group of experts has recommended a National Minerals Strategy in their recent report
  • Delegates received a 16-page glossy summary report , a draft strategy and  chart showing the added value of minerals to the economy using official government data.
  • A select parliamentary committee report has recommended that the extractives industry is streamlined under one government ministry and a specific BIS (Business, Innovation and Skills) Minister is given responsibility. 

17/10/14 135

EU Consultation on No Net Loss of Biodiversity

The BAA response to this online consultation closing 17th October is available here.

The mining and  quarrying industry are strong supporters of biodiversity and contribute enormously. We believe the sector should be exempt from this EU proposal as we occupy well under 1% land mass and are already heavily (indeed over) regulated. If we are included  agriculture and forestry must also be there - and the primacy of national subsidiarity must be observed.

25/07/14 134 Professional Recognition in Mineral Extractives
This industry initiative is aimed at recognising the contributions made as professionals by fully trained operatives, foreman and supervisors, encouraging a more active workforce engagement. Many BAA members are enthusiastically engaging. The IQ/BAA accredited Supervisor course is particularly popular. A new Technical Membership (TMIQ) grade to the Institute of Quarrying (IOQ),  provides acknowledgement to those delivering specific technical services eg Shotfirers, Blast Designers, Laboratory Technicians, Mechanical Fitters, Electricians and Weighbridge staff.
  • 1-min “Sting” video    
  • 5-min more detailed explanation video 
  • Also visit the IOQ PRIME website

04/04/14 133

Water Abstraction Management consultation
BAA response to this consultation is available here. Quarry dewatering is still exempt from abstraction licensing and BAA consider that there are strong arguments for retaining this exemption, and avoiding unnecessary further bureaucracy and regulation. The industry uses little net abstraction and there is little choice in location for mineral extraction which government has recognised is essential to national needs.

27/09/13 132

Inquiry into the Extractive Industries Sector
This consultation by the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee closed  23rd September. The UK minerals industry is greatly undervalued and under-appreciated despite huge potential. High energy costs, a complex regulatory planning and environmental regime make the country unattractive for investment.   You can read both the responses by both BAA and CBI Minerals Group looking to government to champion our cause.

16/08/13 131

The Balance of Competences Review August 2013
Government Reviews the Balance of Competence Between Europe and UK.
BAA has responded to this DEFRA consultation on environmental legislation and noted that there has been considerable erosion of the primacy of national planning policy by European Directives, and where the UK has been disadvantaged against our European colleagues not assisted in the UK by switching controls from planners to the Environment Agency.

10/01/13 130

Minerals in NSIP (National Significant Infrastructure Planning)
Whilst unlikely that many operators will opt to bypass their local planning authorities there could be occasions where this might be appropriate.  Our response and the covering letter to this recent  consultation to include minerals in NSIP is available here

11/07/12 129

UK Minerals Forum - Working Groups Findings 2009-2011
This is a recently published summary report by  Lester Hicks of the three multi-stakeholder projects. They were reported on at the Living with Minerals 4 (LWM4) Conference in London November 2011.
(1) Distributing Minerals to Future Markets; (2) Planning Skills; (3) Communities and Communication

06/07/12 128

BAA Responds to Scottish Planning Fees Consultation
The Association calls for more consultation before any changes are made. The proposed increases and the threshold maximum to increase from £24K up to £100K is  certainly unjustified.

18/10/11 127

BAA Response
Whilst welcoming the return to a presumption in favour of development and a determination to speed up the process and reduce cost and hassle, there is a need for greater clarity to reduce it becoming a lawyer’s paradise. It is essential that key guidance built up over the years is retained, and that the status of any guidance has full stakeholder buy-in and ratification by the minerals industry and government.
National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

15/9/11 126

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
This is the BAA input evidence to the influential CLG Parliamentary Committee who are scrutinising NPPF. BAA strongly support the principle of reverting back to a presumption in favour of development, and the reduced size of the policy statement and that minerals has its own section. However we are not sure whether this alone will actually speed-up the planning process without more use of “will” than “should” and with potential redress and penalties for default. Unfortunately the media have picked up on the housing aspects and from a business perspective there is too much emphasis on “housing” rather than on the general business development which will drive growth and future prosperity. From a minerals perspective it is essential that a proper balance between economic, social and environment factors is ensured as minerals can only be extracted where they occur and this is often in nice places.  Download the reponse here.

28/7/11 125

Strategic Aggregates Research
This Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) MIRO programme gave an opportunity to investigate some longer term and persistent issues in the industry and was guided and monitored by industry (including BAA, and its members), regulators, NGOs and government.
The four projects commissioned for 2010/2011 are now available on the Sustainable Aggregates website.

  • Predicting the future supply of aggregate resources in England
  • Understanding the barriers to underground mining
  • Distributing bulk minerals to future markets
  • Assessing the environmental impact of regional and sub-regional supply options. (The tricky area of apportionment as experienced in recent times in the South East and West Midlands of England)
22/7/11 124

Standard Rules for the Environmental Permitting Regulations - Consultations No..7
Proposed 500m screening distance fcr Great Crested Newts.

Great Crested Newts (GCN)
BAA has responded to the latest proposals from the EA on standard permit changes which would be further potential replication and gold-plating by the Agency again flying in disregard of governments supposed intention of reducing the bureaucratic and cost load on industry. Their proposals would tighten the requirements for GCNs over and above the current hoops with planning and the EU Habitats Directive guidelines!  Whilst they may be rare in some countries (as are sea gulls in Hungary) they certainly ain’t here!!

11/4/11 123

BAA Keeping Industry Plans on Track
A full page article in April's Mineral Planning magazine updates on BAA activities and its expanding membership and benefits offered to the SME quarry sector - ahead of its AGM at Rutland Water 20th June.

17/12/10 122

Red Diesel January 2011 All you wanted to know; and what you should do!
BAA Associate Joe Tuohy has prepared this Q&A brief on the changes to red diesel from 1st January - specification and price and characteristics - and how it will affect the indstry and what they should do!

10/12/10 121

Archaeology and Minerals Extraction
A couple of recent articles on the subject which is still an area of considerable concern for many BAA members and others in the aggregates industry. 

18/02/10 120 Quarry Rate Reductions
This article in Minerals Planning explains how several companies have reduced their rates bills.
04/02/10 119 BAA Response
Consultation on a new National Parks and Brcads Circular and Vision Statement
We are pleased to note that section 7.13 on minerals emphasises that government policy is clearly outlined in MPS1. It is an increasing area of concern that National Parks are several other regional authorities are blatantly disregarding this national policy and the sustainability principles, and the needs of the UK people.
21/12/09 118 BDS Report - Aggregates Tax
BDS have just updated their earlier report of February 2005 with an independent analysis of trends in aggregates markets since 1990 - and the effects of the landfill tax and aggregates levy.
30/11/09 117 BAA Response
BAA have responded to government research strongly supporting a further 4-year funding for the managed aggregates supply system and the RAWP (regional aggregate working parties) as representing excellent value for the taxpayer against the alternative free-for-all.
11/11/09 116 BAA Letter to Rt Hon Hilary Benn, Secretary of State at DEFRA
Reducing burden
Mine Waste Directive
The transposition process into UK Law drags on and we continue to try and get an appropriate and reasonable response from the authorities – not least a clear answer on the status of topsoil and overburden. Ignoring a resounding 100% industry response that the planners continue to run this (supported by the planners themselves!), government ignored and let loose DEFRA and the EA who have no experience of the issue or our industry. In desperation and frustration we have this week written to DEFRA Secretary of State Hilary Benn to appraise him of our concerns on gold-plating and over-egging from his department not least during the current recession in which our industry remains so deeply affected – and when current UK HSE and planning controls established after Aberfan in the 1960s already achieve the requirements of the EU Directive.
30/10/09 115 Every £1 spent on Construction Increases GDP by Nearly £3

...says a new research report Construction in the UK economy: The Benefits of Investment well reported in Financial Times, Times, Construction News and Contract Journal . It argues that without government support for building projects, economic recovery will take longer. An estimated 28 per cent of construction workers lost their jobs in the first quarter of this year, the highest unemployment rate of any UK industry. It also warns that any Government axing construction puts its green credentials in jeopardy because 80% of the carbon reduction measures for 2020 rely directly on the construction industry to deliver them.

23/10/09 113

Archaeology – BAA response to proposed draft policy and guidance consultation
Despite the lack of a Heritage Bill to give a statutory basis to local authorities our legislators and English Heritage have drafted very woolly, ambiguous and divisive documents.   BAA believe the current PPG16 and CBI Code coupled with the more recent MPS1 policy and the Industry Archaeology Practice Guide remains more than fit for purpose.

01/10/09 108 BAA Response
Mining Waste Operations - Response Form Template.
The Environment Agency have got things monumentally wrong for England & Wales on this EU Directive and members are encouraged to raise the issue with their local MPs. The rest of Europe along with Scotland have kept it simple and pragmatic.
07/09/09 107 BAA Response
Consultation on the Introduction of Mineral Review Fees in Wales from April 2010



"Shaping UK minerals policy"
This final valuable briefing and lobbying document from the UK Minerals Forum is now available. Download as PDF. The final reports from the Working Groups are also available.
Declining mineral reserves and the future security of supply
Mineral extraction in National Parks and AONBs
Carbon and proximity of mineral supply
Cumulative impact of policy, legislation and regulation
12/08/09 105 BAA Response
Consultation on Greater Flexibility for Planning Permissions
06/08/09 104 BAA Response
Consultation on proposals for time limiting of water abstraction licenses
30/07/09 103 BAA Response
EP Guidance on The Mining Waste Directive - Consultation
28/07/09 102 BAA Response
Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Prosperous Economies - Consultation paper
24/07/09 101 BAA Response
Treasury /HMRC consultation - Modernising Landfill Tax Legislation, April 2009
22/07/09 100 BAA Response
Consultation on implementing the abstraction elements of the Water Act 2003
09/07/09 99 BAA Letter to Yorkshire Dales National Park
We continue to be concerned at the way various National Park Authorities are trying to undermine national policy on minerals extraction, and the use of some companies in trading-off mineral permissions.




BAA Response
South East plays Politics with Government Managed Aggregates Policy
BAA has responded to the South East Government Office over their misguided minerals policy aimed at reducing the production of aggregates in their region contrary to clear government policy, guidance and established practice

16/06/09 97 BAA Response
BAA response to the Scottish Government consultation for a Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill
This bill is promoted by Kenneth Gibson MSP. Unfortunately he has lumped all industries together including quarries and he considers that industry should be banned from regional national parks. The consultation runs to Friday 4th September.
16/01/09 96 Quarries and Mines 2009
Getting the Message Across by Richard Bird - Download as PDF
24/11/08 95 BAA response
Staffordshire Core Strategy - Strategic Sites
We specifically have concerns over the introduction of so-called "Strategic" sites (100,000 tpa) which is disadvantageous to SMEs and contrary to proximity principle and reducing carbon footprint - and also contrary to MPS1 national planning. Derbyshire have looked at a similar policy - which if allowed to go through would reduce their preferred sites from 30 to 5!
20/11/08 94 EU Threatens UK Quarry Work Hours
Brussels have voted to support amendments to the Working-Time Directive, which would 'phase-out' the UK's opt-out over the next three years which will be voted on in the EU Parliament on 17th December. There is a template letter here to write to your local MEP to vote against the proposals.
Letter to MEPs (Download as PDF)
UK MEP's Constituencies and Contact Details (Download as PDF)
Map of European Parliamentary Constituencies (Download as PDF)
22/10/08 93 BAA Response
Consultation on Revised Waste Exemptions from Environmental Permitting
25/09/08 92

Managing aggregates supply in England: A review of the current system and future options
Download as PDF
Aggregates supply in England: Issues for planning. Lester Hicks
This BGS report summarises the main findings of the report by the British Geological Survey on Managing Aggregates Supply in England : a review of the current system and future options . It also draws on essential messages of a series of four other research projects carried out in 2007 – 2008 for the Mineral Industry Research Organisation (MIRO) and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).
Download as PDF (25 pages)

28/08/08 91 BAA Response
Killian Pretty Review
25/06/08 90 Good Practice Guide "Controlling the Effects of Surface Mineral Workings on the Water Environment" (CLG/MIRO/Capita Symonds SAMP3.B8). March 2008 report plus additional photos & diagrams.(CD available)
Download as PDF
25/06/08 89 The Verney Report – Still Relevant after 30 Years? (MIRO/CLG/National Stone Centre)
Download as PDF (163 pages)
25/06/08 88 Reasons for the Decline in Aggregate Reserves. (MIRO/CLG/Capita Symonds)
Download as PDF
25/06/08 87

'Aggregate resource alternatives: Options for future aggregate minerals supply in England', examines the current primary aggregate supply from designated areas such as National Parks and AONBs; and looks at possible alternative supply. This report is accompanied by maps of the English regions which show the extent of aggregate resources located outside National Parks, AONBs and selected other national and international designations. (MIRO/BGS/CLG/Green Balance).
Download as PDF

25/06/08 86 The need for indigenous aggregates production in England' details the economic contribution which indigenously-produced primary aggregates make to the economy; and sets this against environmental costs. It makes a critical examination of increasing imports of primary aggregates. (MIRO/CLG/BGS/CEBR)
Download as PDF
09/05/08 85

BAA Archaeological Survey results
We had some 20 responses with 15 experiencing both costs and time delays, and predominantly a problem with sand and gravel sites and in England. Whilst there has been a slight lull and no increases since 2004 – this is an area that there was little problem with until 2000. The survey is timely as the BAA initiatives with the archaeological fraternity and other industry colleagues reach a milepost this coming week with the formal launch of the Practice Guide on 15th May 2008. Photo from formal lauch of practice guide - download as PDF (photo Courtesy Sarah Cole, English Heritage)

15/04/08 84 BAA Response
Consultation on the future priorities for and delivery of the Aggregates levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF) - April 2008 to March 2011


83 BAA Response -EU Directive 2006/21/EC (The Mining Waste Directive)
Proposals for Transposition in England and Wales - Download as PDF
Proposals for Transposition in Scotland - Download as PDF
14/03/08 82 BAA Response
Planning for Sustainable Development
This is another consultation document that BAA have responded to – and is the nearest we have seen to a return to a policy of “presumption in favour of economic development”. Whilst this only refers to England – it may make a model in due course for other regions.
11/03/08 81

BAA Response
Review of Inert Waste Regulations - A Discussion paper December 2007BAA Response to this informal consultation

15/02/08 80 QCF proposals for SHEs
Carol Pillinger - EMP Awarding Body Ltd
12/02/08 79 BAA Response
Consultation on EU Road Transport Proposals.
11/01/08 78 BAA Response
Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2007
14/12/07 77 Landfill, Recycle and Incineration - Europe comparison data
Download as PDF
12/10/07 76 BAA Response
Consultation on the proposed EU Soil Framework Directive and initial Regulatory Impact Assessment

BAA Responses to the Government Planning White Paper proposals
Planning for a Sustainable Future (Download as PDF)
Planning Fees in England (Download as PDF)
Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) (Download as PDF)
Improving the Appeal process in the Planning System (Download as PDF)

09/07/07 71 BAA Response
DEFRA Part B Better Regulation - July 2007
03/07/07 70 BAA Response
Peak District Core Strategy - in defence of continued minerals extraction!
29/06/07 69 BAA Launch of Safety Compliance Certificate
29/06/07 68

Quarrysafe website - Camborne School of Mines
Download as PPT
Note: If PowerPoint files (ppt) cannot be displayed, proceed as follows: right click on the link, select 'Save Target As...', and save the file on your computer.

31/05/07 66 Aggregates Levy Fact Sheet - April 2007
10/04/07 65 BAA Response
Third Environmental Permitting Programme consultation – Guidance for a streamlined environmental and permitting system.
06/04/07 64 BAA Letter to Environment Minister, David Milliband
In response to his remarks on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today last week that he didn't see restored quarries as very green!
30/03/07 63 BAA Response
English Hertitage - Mineral Extraction and the Historic Environment - Consultation Draft
09/03/07 62 BAA Response
Planning Policy Statement: Planning and Climate Change - Supplement to PPSI
09/03/07 61 BAA Response
Application of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive to 'Stalled' Reviews of Old Mineral Permissions and Periodic Reviews of Mineral Permissions in England.
29/01/07 60 CBI Minerals Group November 2006
"Living With Minerals - Why Minerals Matter."
22/12/06 59 BAA Response
CAP 680 Birdstrike Risk management Edition 2 – consultation draft
22/12/06 58 BAA Response
"Application of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive to “Stalled” Reviews and Periodic Review of Old Mineral Permissions in Wales"
14/12/06 57 BAA Publication - "The Deposit of Inert Wastes" prepared by John Weetman and Martin Layer.
05/12/06 56 BAA Response
Planning and Pollution Control - Joint DCLG/DEFRA consultation on options for improving the way planning and pollution control regimes work together in delivering new development.
24/11/06 55 Letter to Rt Hon John Gummer on Aggregates Tax, November 2006
Download as PDF
24/11/06 54 SAMP / DCLG
Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund projects, MIRO update October 2006.
03/11/06 53 BAA Response
Reply to Defra consultation paper on changes to the EU Waste Framework Directive, 2nd November 2006
03/11/06 52 BAA Response
Aggregates Levy CFI judgement and the impact of environmental legislation - BAA letter to CBI Richard Lambert 23 October 2006
16/08/06 51 BAA Response
Consultation – SEPA Code of Practice for Owners and Operators of Quarries and other Mineral Extraction Sites
04/08/06 50 BAA Response
Help shape the future - response to June 2006 consultation draft
09/05/06 49 BAA Response
Defra Consultation on the Review of Waste Strategy
09/05/06 48 BAA Response
Consultation on the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 - review of the regulatory approach to some ‘Part B’ activities
28/03/06 46 BAA Response
Barker Review of Land use Planning
17/03/06 45 BAA Response
HSE Crystalline Silica Consultation 13 March 2006
08/03/06 44

For BAA members in Scotland
The Smoking Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005 comes into force on March 26th 2006.
See PDF more information

27/02/06 43 BAA Response
Planning-gain Supplement (PGS)
10/02/06 42

English Nature ALSF Event. Peter Huxtable gave a presentation at this in London on Wednesday along with Environment Minister Jim Knight and Sir Martin Doughty, Chair of Natural England.
Presentation (PDF) Event Programme (PDF)

12/01/06 41 BAA Response
Time Limiting Arrangements for Water Abstraction Licensing
09/12/05 40 BAA Response
Consultation on the Sustainable Management of Waste from Business & Public Sector Organisations in Scotland
25/11/05 39 BAA Response
Response to Consultation Paper on Draft Scottish Planning Policy 4: Mineral Working
26/10/05 38 BAA Response
Consultation Paper on Annexes to Minerals Policy Statement 1; Planning and Minerals - Supply of aggregates
31/08/05 37 BAA Response
Proposed Mineral Planning Authority Fees for Monitoring Mineral and Landfill Permissions
07/07/05 36 BAA Comments
BAA comments ahead of the discussion on the Mine Waste Directive.
07/07/05 35 BAA Briefing
BAA briefing ahead of the discussion on the Mine Waste Directive.
06/07/05 34d BAA Boss Slams Quarries Policies on Central Buying
26/06/05 34c Divided We Fall
The UK Road Haulage Industry
19/06/05 34b Construction News
Battle against the Aggies Levy goes on
19/06/05 34a Construction News
Industry still trying to shake off chill effects of Aggies tax.
22/04/05 34 Landfill
EA Guidance on waste issues
22/04/05 33 Waste Products
EA Guidance on waste issues
10/03/05 32b BAA Response
EU Groundwater Directive
01/03/05 32a BAA Response
Red Diesel Treasury Consultation
25/02/05 32 BDS Report
An analysis of trends in aggregates markets since 1990 - and the effects of the landfill tax and aggregates levy
23/02/05 31 Response to Minerals Policy Statement 1
19/01/05 30 Road Transport Directive Letter
14/01/05 29a Response to Further Proprosed Changes to the System of Plaaning Fees in England
31/03/04 29 Response to Whole Body Vibration Consultation
31/03/04 28 Response to Consultation on Working Time Directive
08/01/04 27 Waste Management
31/12/03 26 Employers' Liability Insurance
31/12/03 25 Process Guidance Notes
/10/03 24 BAA PBR Submission
BAA Input to Pre-Budget Report
" The Aggregates Levy: Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
22/10/03 23 BAA PBR Letter
Covering Letter to the above
10/09/03 22 Letter to Nigel Griffiths, MP
27/06/03 21 Working Time Directive 2003 AGM Seminar
27/06/03 20 Aggregates Specification Changes 2004
/06/03 19 National & Regional Aggregates Planning Guidelines
16/05/03 18 BAA AGM 2003
AGM Agenda & Booking Form for members & non-members
20/03/03 17 Working Time Directive - CPA Briefing
28/08/02 16 Cash-Flow Survey
Preliminary results of BAA members questionnaire regarding cash-flow since the Aggregates Levy was introduced.
14/05/02 15 Aggregates Levy
New Labour's Environmental Programme sets out clear guidelines for ‘polluter pays’ taxation. Does the Aggregates Levy measure up?
2002 14 Windfall Aggregates
BAA Opposes Exemptions from the Aggregates Levy
/01/02 13 Government Briefing
BAA has produced a briefing note to assist Government departments dealing with Aggregates Levy issues
02/11/01 12

Differential Aggregate Tax Rate
Analysis of the proposal for "Green" Quarries by HM Treasury has highlighted the extent to which Aggregates Tax legislation is flawed.

/07/01 11 Import Substitution
Aggregates Tax Will Wipe Out UK Quarry Industry. Research carried out by BAA has established that most of our future aggregate requirements will be met from Norway, France or Eire.
/06/01 10 Direct Compliance Costs
Cost of Aggregates Tax Spiralling Out of Control. It is becoming clear that the cost of implementing this highly complex levy will cripple UK quarry companies leaving them unable to compete with cheap imports.
/05/01 9 Actual Effect on Price
Aggregate Tax: What will Actually Happen to Prices? The BAA has taken a close look at what effect Aggregate Tax will have on the price to the end user. The results are alarming!
/05/01 8 Finance Bill Debate
Westminster Debate on Finance Bill: MPs from all parties attacked Aggregates Tax as “utter nonsense” during the final debate on the Finance Bill before it receives Royal Assent ahead of the election.
/05/01 7 BAA Letter to all MPs
BAA has written to all MPs detailing the damage that will be caused by Aggregate Tax. There has been a staggering response to this letter with strong Cross Party support for the BAA campaign to have the tax dumped.
/03/01 6 Aggregate Tax Assessment
This report sets out clearly in simple language how the destructive effects of Aggregate Tax will be felt throughout the country. “This is no longer about a tax, it is about the national interest.”
/01/01 5 NI Aggregate Tax Debate
The Politicians of Belfast put the debating skills of the Westminster and Edinburgh Parliaments to shame in this hard hitting debate.“ Have they taken leave of their senses?” they ask.
09/01/01 4 Letter to the Environmental Audit Committee
BAA takes issue with this influential committee with a mixture of common sense and plain home truths.
/10/00 3 Treasury Sustainability Fund
“A Cynical attempt to justify yet another Stealth Tax.”
05/10/00 2 Customs Response
Member Company concerns are brought to the attention of HM Customs and Excise. “Ability to operate their business will be put in jeopardy.”
/09/00 1 BAA Response to HM Custom’s on Aggregate Tax
The draft clauses of the Finance Bill receive strong criticism and many of the negative aspects of the Aggregate Tax are explained. Wardell Armstrong Review of the London Economics Report, (Feb 2000) Wardell Armstrong is a highly respected firm of minerals consultants. This is their review of the controversial report commissioned by DETR to “Establish the Environmental Costs Attached to Mineral Extraction.” The WA report goes on to explore the economic damage and loss of employment this tax will bring about.